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Release the New Green Resin
2016-5-18 18:02:21

Release the new green resin-white, green, yellow skins price are the same,  green  resins price is higher than the former three,so we take an extra fee for the green resin.the details are as follow($=dollar) .The model is Grace on the picture ,we make a new face up for her (looking at the picture),but her offical face up is not this one.

                  nude head                    nude body                         nude doll

1/3 doll          add$30                          add$60                           add$90
1/4 doll          add$20                          add$40                           add$60
 bb doll          add$20                          add$40                           add$60
PS:crown,helmet,horn: original price+$20   
Eg:1/4doll- Isabel(white nude  doll):$500; 
1/4doll-Isabel(green nude doll) = original price  + additional price=$500+$60=$560