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Adult doll wigs body head  body parts

Doll is pictured in white skin, you can choose DC white yellow, pink, tan, grey & green
skin.If you choose DC skin colours Pink, White, Yellow skin there is no additional charge, if you wanted to choose Tan  Green &Grey there is a charge of $60.
Product details are on the bottom.


* You can buy this doll as a full set & a nude doll.
*  Fullset ($529 ) includes:the nude doll, face-up($70), outfit(KC-06),wig(GW45-004A,$19),
glass eyes(G18-109). The face u p is $70 which includes the ears make up.
Fullset doesnt include body blushing.You can purchase it separately.
* Nude doll($399 ) includes head,eyes and body without face make up and body blushing.
* Dont sell the Alberts head or K-body-04 seperatly.

iron wired hat, iron wired covering, oversleeve, underdress

default body is K-body-04.body make up  $60.
However,Albertas head can also fit any DC kids body in our store.

GOOD NEWS: IF you purchase the fullest or nude doll of Alberta , can get a girl k-body-01s belly  (not including head and legs)

Height:44cm(include head)
Head size:17cm
Shoulder width: 8.5cm
neck size: 6cm
Arms length: 15cm
Breast size: 15.8cm
Waist size: 13.5cm
Hipe size:18cm
Leg length: 24cm
Thigh size:10cm
Feet length: 5.3cm